Leave a Legacy at Broom Tree

Donation Opportunities
Broom Tree Retreat and Conference Center as well as our Youth and Family Camp are a ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Broom Tree is a non-profit organization that is run partly on the donations of the people who use the facility as well as those who give in order to memorialize a family member or desire to further our mission to provide facilities, resources and programs that aid all individuals, youth and families of faith in spiritual renewal and faith development.

There are many ways you can participate with us in building a place where people of faith can come to get away from the constant demands of everyday life and experience a place of recollection.   You can help carry on the spiritual ministry of Broom Tree.  You can leave a legacy for your family and others.  Contact Katie Fritz at the Catholic Community Foundation for Eastern South Dakota at 1-888-246-3386 to discuss how your Estate Planning can help serve the mission of Broom Tree Retreat and Conference Center and Broom Tree Youth and Family Camp
for generations to come.



Replacement for our aging Utility Vehicle

Gazebos (places for resting and prayer outside)

Small Utility Tractor

Trees for the Campground and Retreat Center Grounds

Chipper/Shredder (gas powered)


Every donation of a thousand dollars or more is memorialized by adding to the tree a 'gold leaf' engraved with the name of the person, family or business you desire to honor.  
The Donation Tree is located in the main foyer of the Retreat Center.


On-Line Donations
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